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Great cross-genre song. It’s rap, acid, dream pop. Whatever.

New song and video by Jon Hopkins, in the campagne for his new albulm. Beat heavy and danceable this time, but his signature production is still very present.


Just days after I found out about this project they share this new track. Very nasal vocals and great music.

Great collaborative project with amongst others Vessel. First release in May, so they say.


This song of the Lotide album is really nice: airy and acoustic recordings mixed with electronic.


oOoOO suddenly gets himself in a really dark and simplified atmosphere. Thrilling!

James Blake song with a non-mainstream-album-how-it-used-to-be song. On his own label. I thought, but it’s on the album anyway.

Atoms For Peace - Judge Jury and Executioner (by XLRecordings)

Wih’lo - Unbreak

This track is filled with synth melodies, a precise beat, everything making your head nod a little. The vocals are repeating a lot, and the words are about fantasy and love. All pretty melancholic, lovely and cheerable. I do like this track.